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COMPILADO-30 Anniversary 1977-2007

lista de temas disco uno:

-judy is a punk (the ramones)
-anarchy in the uk (sex pistols)
-new rose (the damned)
-if the kids are united (sham 69)
-the first time (the boys)
-action time vision (alternative tv)
-the rigth to work (chelsea)
-i wanna be your boyfriend (the ramones)
-do anything you wanna do (eddie & the hot rods)
-god save the queen (sex pistols)
-homicide (999)
-my way (sid vicious)
-peaches (the stranglers)
-what do i get? (buzzcoks) 
 http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?kqwvmjnmzgj   lista de temas disco dos:

-too drunk to fuck (dead kennedys)
-no one is innocent (die toten hosen)
-new york state police (uk subs)
-alternative ulster (stiff little fingers)
-woman in disguise (angelic upstars)
-viva la revolution (adicts)
-city babys revenge (gbh)
-something new (anti pasti)
-banned from the pubs (peter & the test tube babies)
-never surrender (blitz)
-police story (partisans)
-when the evening comes (the undead)
-from protest to resistance (conflict)
-stranlgehold (uk subs)
-goodbye garageland (die toten hosen) 
 http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ntmmaymn3o3   lista de temas disco tres:

-igot a richt (iggy & the stogges)
-waiting for the man (velvet underground)
-personality crisis (new york dolls)
-kick out the jams (mc5)
-chinese rocks (johnny thunders & the heartbreakers)
-negative creep (dee dee ramone)
-black leather (runaways)
-lets get crazy (london cowboys)
-bored (destroy all monsters)
-cherry bomb (cheri9e currie, marky ramone & wayne kramer)
-born to lose (johnny thunders & the heartbreakers)
-newtown (the slits)
-land of hope and glory (ex pistols)
-follow the leader (the saints)
- search and destroy (sid vicious) 

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